Type: Full-length Release date: February 21st, 2020 Catalog ID: 19439714752 Label: Century Media Records Format: CD Reviews: 6 reviews (avg. Hansi‘s vocal performance is again superb, adding loads of drama and emotion into the song. The break towards the end of the track, returning to its initial mood, brings the circle together and allows us to take a breath before continuing the journey. Album Lyrics and Tracklisting Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display REVIEW: Jeff Scott Soto – Wide Awake (In My Dreamland)

Overall, “III” is a release that fully meets the high expectations generated, doing justice to the legacy of the band and the long wait. This song holds a lot of pressure because it’s the first song fans are hearing after 15 years of waiting, and it DOES NOT disappoint. Demons and Wizards have captured the musical style of both bands taking you on a journey filled with heavy power metal, epic riffs, and soul-crushing lyrics. But don’t get too relaxed listening! The same applies to “Universal Truth”, a track that also includes some novelties, including predominant use of keyboards and a more prominent bass line. Read More 75%) Songs; Lineup; Other versions; Reviews; Additional notes; 1. Its everything you’d expect from Demons and Wizards. 11. What really pushed the band [...], It’s easy to find great quality metal in Greece, especially in the black metal realm. It almost feels like you’re listening to a different album.

“Diabolic” is the sequel to “Heaven Denies” bringing back an all too familiar feeling. It’s powerful, atmospheric and heavy. But the biggest surprise is definitely the retro-70’s leaning groove machine “Midas Disease”, an admitted tribute to the late Malcolm Young that perfectly melds old school AC/DC with the signature Kursch and Schaffer sound. Read More Sure, Hansi, for the most part, sounds good singing but the music it’s self is weak. 1 Right at the beginning, you are flooded with emotional vocals. I mean, it’s fine if you like this album, but to say it’s the album they ever did? The time has finally come! The album opens with “Diabolic”, which was also the first single. 10. FEATURED LIVE REPORT The riffs don’t really change much the whole album, and really it feels like Jon is half asleep for the whole album.  / November 5, 2020 By Bear W. Wanna walk the extra mile? And, finally, the album finishes off with “Children of Cain” This song is remarkably beautiful. Sure, Hansi, for the most part, sounds good singing but the music it’s self is weak. Released by: Century Media Records Copyright © 2020 Metal Wani, All Rights Reserved. Midas Disease “The ravens have come at last” very haunting and poetic words spoken. Because of its cinematic tone, it is the perfect way to conclude the album in an epic way, becoming the cherry on top and giving perfect closure to this anticipated album.

I’m sure it will become one of the favorites for those nostalgic for the Matt Barlow -era. New Dawn

While the trio of long-winded forays into Iron Maiden-like epic exploits could be described as the crowning musical achievements of this album, they are naturally not alone. This song is closer to the style of ICED EARTH but Hansi also makes sure to add his own influence, contributing with his charisma and magical touches in the choruses. Diabolic 08:01 Show lyrics (loading lyrics...) 2. With more clean-toned guitar melodies. I found it very refreshing and enticing on the album, it pulls you away, but at the same it time demands your attention. Starting off soft, the song leads up to some heavy riffs before ending off with an epic guitar solo. Drawing upon the more primordial thrash and speed metal elements of Blind Guardian and Iced Earth, all the while still exhibiting a melodic grandeur and propensity for atmospheric sorrow, this fold of twin titans would unleash a respectable pair of studio albums spanning the late 90s up until 2005 that bridged the gap between the similar yet highly distinct bands. “Invincible” is a more straightforward track with a more conventional structure, though not less effective. With the release of their new album, "No Absolution," we have been eagerly waiting for LOST SOCIETY to perform live.... If you’re not familiar with Demons and Wizards they are a legendary collaboration featuring Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth) and Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian.) The riffs don’t really change much the whole album, and really it feels like Jon is half asleep for the whole album. Demons & Wizards discography ... Wolves in Winter (2020) III Demons & Wizards.

ALBUM REVIEW Check out our interview with Hansi Kürsch here. MetalNickon May 28, 2009 Link.

The album opens with “Diabolic”, which was also the first single. Perhaps the most impatient people are going to discard or criticize the album after a first listen since its content is not ready for fast consumption in times when digital attention disorder is the rule. After waiting for long fifteen years, we finally have a new DEMONS & WIZARDS album, the international super band that, as we all know, brought together the masterminds of BLIND GUARDIAN and ICED EARTH in the late 1990s and early 2000s. MOTLEY CRUE’s Tommy Lee Slams Fans Who Say ‘Stick To Playing Drums’: “You... MÖTLEY CRÜE Historian Says ’94 Album With John Corabi Sold Better Than Vince Neil Fronted &... Sammy Hagar Moves Fans To Tears By Sharing An Emotional Post About Eddie Van Halen, Nikki Sixx Warns American Citizens About The Duty They Have To Do For The Country, Ex-W.A.S.P. Hansi‘s work is monumental once again, reaching unseen levels of expressiveness and a huge vocal range. Hansi‘s unmistakable voice depicts the personal singing style he has developed with BLIND GUARDIAN, but the big difference is that the production sounds much more organic than the last works of the German bards, which is especially noticeable in the exquisite sound of the drums. Then again, 2020 is already proving to be a year of surprises, and those longing for a worthy successor to “Touched By The Crimson King” would do well to take notice.

 9. It’s a complex track, full of details and changes in atmosphere, incorporating folk and acoustic elements, among other surprises. Honestly, the ending of the track kicks some serious ass! The track is called “Dark Side of Her Majesty” and let me tell you. The aptly named opener “Diabolic” could be best described as a more melancholy and gradualist sequel to debut album opener “Heaven Denies”, drawing heavily upon a dark atmospheric aesthetic with an array of clean and acoustic guitar elements and an eerie keyboard and vocal backdrop, then gradually developing into a swift, speed thrashing melee. Call it an unpopular opinion, but this album represents the best that has come out of either the Blind Guardian or Iced Earth camp in several years, and just manages to edge out “Touched By The Crimson King” to be this band’s best offering to date. ALBUM REVIEW

I appreciate that, of the four sound engineers who worked supervising the recording and production of this album, Charlie Bauerfeind‘s influence on the final mix has been kept to a minimum, since the result sounds much less artificial than the last BLIND GUARDIAN albums.  / October 31, 2020 Rob Halford Expresses His Disappointment For Not Being Able To Sing ‘Painkiller’ The ... Angus Young Reveals Whether He Considered The Possibility Of Axl Rose Joining AC/DC Permanently. I feel this song alone will bring controversy to the album, fans will either love it or hate it.  / November 4, 2020 Demons & Wizards Lyrics, Songs, Albums And More at SongMeanings! What a way to finish off an album.

Autumn is the perfect season to enjoy some well-crafted doom metal with a palpable gothic tinge to it. The changes in intensity and alternations between light and dark are one of the key elements of DEMONS & WIZARDS‘ success, allowing Jon Schaffer and Hansi Kürsch to use their full arsenal of magic spells. In “Dark Side of Her Majesty” our beloved bard steals the show with his incomparable powerful voice and epic massive choirs that predominate in this mid-tempo song, which starts promisingly but somehow gets diluted and becomes redundant.  / November 2, 2020  4. For those who were missing some more of that pure evil, “Split” is perhaps the heaviest song on the album, solid from start to finish, with a headbanger tempo and a more aggressive attitude. It’s even longer cousins “Timeless Spirit” and “Children Of Cain” go in a bit more of a dreary, folksy power ballad direction a bit more in line with “Fiddler On The Green”, layering on the acoustic guitar magic as only Schaffer can deliver and even finds him dabbling with the mandolin a bit on the latter. Another highlight from the new album. Its everything you’d expect from Demons and Wizards. When I think about perfect albums, the first one that comes to mind that I'm very happy to listen to...

I can say that the magic and chemistry between The Demon and The Wizard are intact after fifteen years, and I sincerely hope we don’t have to wait another twenty years to see them on tour again, and that the next album arrives before 2035.

Definitely one of their greatest tracks so far. This song picks up HARD! One of my favorite tracks off the album is “Timeless Spirt” it captures a very ghostly, ominous harmony. So awesome. The 7th track “Midas Disease.” It has a heavier, raw pace. This song makes a statement, and it roars we are fucking back! Then again, one would be remiss not to note the fancier display of guitar showmanship, owing to the input of Iced Earth shredder Jake Dreyer and longtime associate of Schaffer and engineering extraordinaire Jim Morris. Like every song lacked that energy that makes Demons and Wizards what they are. Wolves In Winter  7. DARK! (2010) Machinae Supremacy – A View from the End of the World: Anniversary Special (Musicalypse Archive)

Finland’s Tyrantti can’t change their stripes: new music video “Veritiikeri” out now.

If you've got any interest in psychedelic electronica -types of music, you're surely familiar with the Iraeli duo of INFECTED...


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