b. adverb b. adverb Please join us for the birthday party this

c. preposition New questions in English. Liam brought his notebook to class. d. verb

c. adjective c. interjection b. conjunction c. pronoun 32. c. interjection b. noun d. verb Jason is an intelligent student. …, the bibliography is the chief class or form of reference and information accesstoolsa. b. conjunction closely. ….

Choose the article adjectives from the following list. 7. d. verb an illustration. I will not be able to attend the game for I have a. adjective

d. verb b. a

a. conjunction Place the books against the wall. I understand the directions. I can see beyond the horizon. (4 Points) nory_(of These lines provide the reader with O implicit information about the important role that books played in the speaker's childhood. a. adjective

14. poisonous (adjective) vsmuoneo4. 1. However, they are different to modal verbs and modal nouns because _____________________.all the three modal expressions are ____________​. erpisulo3.

d. pronoun c. noun a. adverb Explanation: New questions in English.

Our group of students arrived ahead of time. the answer is c. the is the article adjective, This site is using cookies under cookie policy. a. adjective b. noun c. pronoun 11. d. verb, tell the story the lost doll in your own words​. Nathan is finishing his chores early so he can

…, an independent healthcare provider who islicensed to practice on a specific area of the body" (Meeku et al. d. verb

a. interjection Watching that movie wa b. conjunction Carelessness caused the boy to fall down the d. pronoun b. noun b. noun You can specify conditions of storing and accessing cookies in your browser. d. verb d. pronoun Wow! b. conjunction c. noun The adjective brave can be used to describe anyone or anything that displays courage, such as a brave firefighter, a brave guide dog, or even brave holiday shoppers. d. pronoun d. pronoun a. conjunction to the lake. The storm uprooted the eight-foot tree. d. verb 41. The yellow ducklings follow their mother very The plane flew over the rain clouds.

Why does the author give a detail about fire drills? a. conjunction 3. Whoever has the lowest score wins in cross-country. d. pronoun b. interjection Yesb. d. preposition Sensible: judgementC.

a, A letter to the Assembly member of my area and suggest three ways in which sanitation can be improved​, The two best things the servants brought to God were gold and jewel stones. b. preposition c. pronoun Add your answer and earn points.

kah04ohara is waiting for your help. CAUSE / EFFECT Reread lines 97-100. d. verb a. noun French onion soup is on the lunch menu. b. adverb

afternoon. Samantha forgot to bring her homework to d. preposition d. preposition (Heath10 LM204)Guide Questions:What insights did you get from the information you have read?​, fill in the blank to form first conditionals sentence,1 If you _____(get) back late,I_____(be)angr​, 1.There's a lot of distractions coming from passing vehicles._____Anthony close the door?a.mustb.couldc.wouldd.can​, essay the different important paintings in the different period​, are the health standards implemented by the IATF (Inter-Agency Task Force) and DOH (Department of Health) could help prevent the escalating cases of c 12. 29. b. adverb

49. What's NewDO YOU KNOW?Healthcare practitioners and allied health professionals are alsoconsidered health care providere. New questions in … c. pronoun a. interjection a. interjection c. preposition c. pronoun a. interjection b. noun The coach jumped for joy. b. interjection Whose book is this? c. conjunction Oh, I didn't realize that it would be so dark in


Would you like chocolate or vanilla? c. pronoun d. preposition

b. adverb 26. 48. b. adverb

b. conjunction 31. Add your answer and earn points. c. conjunction a. adjective 36. d. pronoun Add your answer and earn points. The stars are shining bright tonight. The music concert was loud and entertaining. Graceful: love 2. a. adverb

Everyone was happy to see the young man 1. to escape or avoid (verb) eveda2. a. interjection c. conjunction c. preposition c. preposition 17. 6.

c. preposition play. New questions in English. c. noun …, zas about the education of continuing in the midst of pandemic ​, A. a. adjective d. verb

c. preposition priyamala12 priyamala12 " Which "is the adjacent in this sentence. 34.

c. pronoun 20. c. interjection 28. a. adjective 1: write the comparative form of these adjectives Adjective Comparative from Big Example:Biggerthan Interesting Funny Small Expensive Cheap Ancient Modern Beautiful Boring Dangerous Dirty Ayudenme por favor :'( … 30. a. conjunction c. pronoun Athletes must exercise regularly to stay in My symptoms include fever and weakness. Ouch! b. adverb We will celebrate your promotion tomorrow. b. adverb 27. 4. c. preposition 5.

a. adjective Young children need to understand that playing with matches is dangerous . Which underlined group of words is an adjective clause? a. interjection

d. adjective a. adjective b. noun b. conjunction A doctor has to wear a helmet change into negative Have you ever written a letter a letter to your friend. will be an extra charge. 46. She wore a beautiful dress to the party. d. pronoun

I must clean my room before going to the park.

a. adjective b. conjunction 33. b. noun

c. preposition

d. noun 24. Fathers and sons enjoy taking long fishing trips c. pronoun c. preposition c. interjection

d. noun a. adjective

Put that down! c. noun 42. b. noun

b. interjection c. noun b. noun stairs. c. preposition school. d. verb a. adverb Classes will resume in the fall. 37. b. adverb c. pronoun 35.


Refreshing water is always a treat on a hot day. Cruel: compassionD.

d. pronoun 25. Thy love amazing like a thousand doves that soars. d. noun brave (adjective) vorlsaou - TYPE OF CONTEXT CLUES What is the climax of the story"The judgement of the wind What universal value Father of ilocano literature Instead of the informal ‘I have read’, use ( I think, The essay has) 5. c. interjection Sophia sang the solo perfectly. a. adjective enjoy the rest of the day. d. pronoun c. preposition c. pronoun shape. b. preposition

Nasa picture yung sasagutan^ need @nswer Asap​, how impertant is knowing what speech style is used in any situation place or person?​. d. noun b. adverb d. preposition

b. noun b. noun Neighborhood children are gathering outside to stage. 2. What is adjective of careful lakdinupushpakumara is waiting for your help. a. adjective Honesty is a desirable characteristic trait.

c. preposition c. pronoun a. conjunction

c. noun 13. if we have to many passengers at a bus or train station, what may happen? They are used to _____.the words "possibly, certainly _____,____,____,____ and ____ are some examples of modal Mystery word - 369992 experiences with the learning environment and content teacher Experiential Education informs many methodologies in which educators purposefully engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, clanty values and develop people's capacity • John Dewey was the most famous proponent of experiential education … O a diagram. d. noun 18.Visiting Italy was an exciting trip for my family. c. noun 40. reflection paper on the movie lorax People say me and my sister look just a like Elizabeth’s presentation started with information about frogs, then continued with information about fishing for salmon, and finished up with a descri … ption of her trip to Las Vegas.


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