“Look what I’ve done. Later at the age of 11, she was given early boxing raining by her father. Check out this biography to know about her … She took to boxing with a passion and early on in her career became a two-time Junior Olympic Champion. “It was very hurtful, but after all that I still forgave her and wanted to talk about the baby,” she said. So I embraced being naked and had a good time! Wishing to make boxing a popular sport on TV, Shields turned to professional boxing. However, in spite of all the turmoil, she managed to finish her high school. I'm fighting for my family, I'm fighting for my future, I'm fighting for my city -- to give them some hope and faith, because it's so bad in Flint. “I really wanted a baby myself and I wanted to have one when I turned 18 right after I won the [2012] Olympics,” she told Iole. Shields became a professional boxer in November 2016. And that she did. "I always tell my story because I want others who have felt broken to know they can make it," she told Elle. She had a tough childhood with her father in jail and her mother grappling with drug problems. And it’s obvious little Klaressa stole her heart. As of now, she has 42.1k followers on Twitter and 202k followers on Instagram. I told her I wanted to have a baby after the Olympics but with my career and everything, I can't afford to get pregnant right now. The annual salary of an athlete is $800000. https://www.nytimes.com/.../bout-time-claressa-shields.html

It makes me slow down and think, and that’s a good thing.”. “But she wanted all these exceptions put in the adoption contract. In 2014 Shields and her boyfriend Ardreal Holmes also a boxer, adopted her cousin’s baby and named her Klaressa. Claressa is active in social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The main reason for their break up was, Claressa’s decision to focus on her career leaving back her relationship. “I told her I didn’t believe in abortion and so I wasn’t giving her any money to do that,” Shields stressed. She’s about 6 months old now. The situation climaxed when Shields confronted her cousin about stealing something from her. That means she is unmarried. ", 15.

Claressa Shields took on opponent Szilvia Szabados in the ‘North American Boxing Federation’ middleweight championship and won the title.

She already had two kids; she didn’t want to have another.

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I love her!!! When she asked for money, Shields refused, writer Kevin Iole reported.

JPJ's Reaction to Tayshia as Bachelorette, Though! I always fight harder than I would if I were fighting for just a, Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I did it. ", "I'm training seven to eight hours a day. 12. On August 4, 2017, in another event telecast on the network ‘Showtime’ Shields defeated four times defending champion Nikki Adler to become the ‘WBC’ super-middleweight champion. She was born in Flint, Michigan, the US under the birth sign Pisces. I said, ‘I’m not going to let you control my life.’”. She recalls that initially Crutchfield saw her as someone soft who did not know how to box. ... She adopted her cousin's baby when she was 19. In June of 2018, she became the unified World Champion in two weight classes. Afterward letting Klaressa go, Shields became sick for weeks and lost a significant amount of weight. The only fight she lost was against British boxer Savannah Marshall in 2012, at the Women's World Championships in China. And guess what she has in her bag??? I like to eat kind of light at night, so a cup of soup or animal crackers [for dinner].". She is also very active in the welfare of her city and played an important part in highlighting the lead contamination crisis that Flint faced. Now, with Rio on the horizon, it's clear Shields is hungry for more.

Further, she has curly black hair and black eyes. Shields took Klaressa home and readjusted her schedule to care for her. She has held multiple world titles in three weight classes and reigned as the undisputed female middleweight champion from 2019 to September 2020, having held the unified WBA, WBC, and IBF female middleweight titles since 2018; and the WBO female middleweight title from 2019 to September 2020. At the Olympic trials in 2012, she was the youngest boxer. Claressa Shields is a 24 year old American boxer 2X Olympic Gold medalist. So she decided to keep the baby, and now the baby lives with me. ", "My only fear that I had was I didn't want to be shy naked, because I felt it would mess up my smile for my pictures! It was like a workout. I always hit the bag after, do pushups and crunches after, or I might even go for another run. If you like this pro-life article, please help LifeNews.com with a donation! We had a great time and Had a great convo. My idol is @serenawilliams saw her here inside the Olympic village yesterday, wish we could have spoke https://t.co/5ZnetL6z6o, 10. Since the first day I met her we have been sisters!!!! She has also held the unified WBC and WBO female light middleweight titles since January 2020; and the unified WBC and IBF female super mid… He would often talk to Claressa about boxing and the boxing legend Laila Ali which got her interested in boxing. I met Adrianna back in Argentina at the America Qualifiers! She had a very difficult childhood.

She has two baby dolls!!! In 2014 Shields and her boyfriend Ardreal Holmes also a boxer, adopted her cousin’s baby and named her Klaressa. T-Rex follows Claressa's incredible journey from Flint to winning gold at the 2012 Olympics — and it's inspiring AF. "Lunch is optional: Sometimes I like to eat something grilled, with a salad or spaghetti and meatballs.

Here's more from Shields' Body Issue shoot. Claressa was born as Claressa Maria Shields to parents Marcella Adams (mother) and Bo Shields (father). ", "I'm like Serena Williams' little twin. #FightLikeClaressa, A post shared by ClaressaTheGWOATShields (@claressashields) on Jan 21, 2016 at 11:05am PST. Later, when her father came out of prison, he started teaching boxing to Claressa. ", "I'm fighting for more than just a medal. 9. so now she is here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! 2. When she was 11, her father explained that Laila had started boxing because of her father, the great Muhammad Ali. For some others, it'll probably be five or six hours or maybe, When Shields got the call for the Body Issue, "I was very excited and then maybe 20 seconds later very scared, because it dawned on me that I will be naked! So she decided to keep the baby, and now the baby lives with me. In 2018, the ‘Boxing Writers Association of America’ named her the ‘Female Fighter of the Year’.

Claressa Shield’s fascinating life became the subject of the 2015 documentary ’T-Rex: Her fight for gold’. I mean, who isn't? Claressa Shields was born in Flint, Michigan, USA on Friday, March 17, 1995 (Millennials Generation).

Besides, she raised along with her three siblings. There, she met Jason Crutchfield, who is her guide and trainer. “If you’re a girl and you’re having a bad day and it seems like it’s never going to get better, think of me,” Shields said. I was there for her birth and got to cut her little cord. Diese Geschichte hat alle Zutaten für ein erfolgreiches Hollywood-Märchen - mit einem Unterschied: Sie ist wahr. I was like, “What is going on here?” We’re still going through the adoption process, but I have her when I’m at home. Claressa has a jaw-dropping professional record of 74–1. #claressashields #HowLong #NotLong! I wanted to show that even though I'm in a male-dominated sport, I'm still a woman -- a ver, "My favorite picture that I saw on set was a picture of me hitting the bag. Olympic Broadcast Rights acquired the movie’s rights based on Claressa. Promise. She also brings her world championships credential and her copy of the Bible. 21K likes. She adopted her cousin's baby when she was 19. At that time, her mother used to have a boyfriend who sexually abused Claressa. I'm Gina, the night editor here at Cosmopolitan.com!

By March of 2019, she has successfully completed 24 years of her age. When she's training, she eats a big breakfast, little or no lunch, and a light dinner. @teofimolopez !!! “I still think about the baby all the time but it was like, maybe it wasn’t time for me to have a child.”. I had to explain to the cops that this child has been staying with me the last eight months,” Shields said. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. “It didn’t go through like it was supposed to,” Shields admitted to Velin. The screenwriter of the movie is Barry Jenkins. Moreover, Claressa was inducted into the US… 3.

#I'mHere! In June of 2018, she became the unified World Champion in two weight classes.

Check out more on Claressa Shields wiki, bio, age, net worth, baby, fight, Olympic, height, and boyfriend. A post shared by ClaressaTheGWOATShields (@claressashields) on May 1, 2015 at 9:41am PDT, 7. Her boxing matches were telecast as main events on TV networks She continues to have a very successful run on the professional circuit and is currently the undisputed queen of boxing. Claressa Shields alias Claresa Maria Shields is an American Female professional boxer. Birthday: March 17, 1995 Black Celebrities Born on March 17, U.S. State: Michigan, African-American From Michigan, education: Northwestern High School, Olivet College, See the events in life of Claressa Shields in Chronological Order. She then rests again and goes to "boxing training from 6 p.m. til 8:30 p.m.," which "consists of eight rounds on the heavy bag, four rounds on the pads, three rounds on the speed bag, three rounds of technical drills and calisthenics (525 crunches and 80 push-ups), and it ends with stretching. As of November 2020, The net worth of Claressa Shields is $3 million.

me and @mikaelamayer on the pads @spelmanwellness !!!!!

This award is given to the best athletes in the world who are chosen mainly by kids through online voting. It's a blessing to have her as an inspiration and as a friend!

The guy she was up against hit her right in the nose, but she bounced back and "beat him up.". A post shared by ClaressaTheGWOATShields (@claressashields) on Jun 21, 2016 at 1:16pm PDT. In this case, you might be thinking who is the baby from? Completely inspired, Claressa decided to sign up for boxing classes — only to have her dad hate the idea. Demonstrating, skill, speed and power #Rio2016 #usaboxing #StrongIsTheNewSkinny! She has a good collection of expensive cars and she usually shows then on Instagram.

But it was time for her to save a child – a child that likely wouldn’t be alive today if not for her. I got to choose how I wanted my hair and how I wanted my makeup. and I run up to her and I pick her up and hug her sooooo tight!!! Here's what you need to know about the badass defending champion. Her father was a boxer. Her family relied on food stamps that, she believes, her mother sold for drugs – because food rarely appeared on the table. Further, Shields managed to win a gold medal at America’s Qualifier in Argentina in 2016.

", "My feelings after the shoot are excitement -- I can't wait to see the pictures! Since April of 2019, Shields s rising as the undisputed female middleweight champion. I always stay after [training]. 14. But she (and longtime boyfriend Ardreal Holmes) only lived with Klaressa for about eight months, according to USA Today editor Bob Velin.


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