☞ Chris reads every response on Medium or reply on Twitter, so don’t hesitate to let him know what you think . Similarly, Cybertruck necessarily encodes the word “truck” in its name to throw people off. And from an industry perspective, Apple doesn’t seem to want to keep up with the Jones’s (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Tencent, et al), except when they do. Ten years later, building on the dripping sex and rock and roll of the iPod (touched with a Bono no less! Following a succession of idempotent civilian leaders, the army finally installed anti-insurgency expert General David Petraeus. Leaving San Francisco. It’s such a savage departure from our expectations that define a “truck” that we need a new word. Somehow (maybe it was the acid trip Jobs went on), Apple learned to take their time with products, and to pace their product evolution. … perhaps subsequent iterations of the Tesla Cybertruck might look more like the RT02 of Prometheus on planet LV223: Before humanity’s initial interstellar exploits, our relationships with discrete technologies are going to change. Vehicles that could drive themselves could greatly reduce U.S. casualties from roadside bombs and IEDs. And yet, we look to him and other folks of his ilk to understand Apple’s moves.

I can’t decide.). The story of the Hummer is relevant not just because its appearance disabused our stereotypes of what a truck should look like, but also because the Hummer was one of the first vehicles ordained with autonomous self-driving superpowers. For example, Samsung showcased a waterproof S7 back in February and then Apple followed suit in the iPhone 7. It makes me a good faker and it makes me pretty good at listening to the words people use, but better at paying attention to what their behavior actually says.

Thus when I consider who influences my thoughts on Apple’s moves, I need to be mindful of the Kool-aid I’m drinking, who’s making it, and what their lived context is. They seem slow at times, but maybe it’s just because they resist the short-sighted approach that most tech companies feel forced to take to try to get ahead. Is Your Smartphone Destroying Your Reading Habits. This image, though, helps: “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” — Steve Jobs. What was sold as a mission to liberate the Iraqi people from a mad dictator hellbent on using weapons of mass destruction on his neighbors turned into a rudderless occupation. Apple made you a movie: Maybe it’s still not clear to you. The unveiling of the Cybertruck once again struck me as historically important (here’s a 5 min recap video), yet the reactions seemed to miss its significance. At its consumer debut, the Hummer was controversial and brash, having exited the theater of war with modest modifications to make it more suitable for the theater of cul de sacs and tricycles. Apple doesn’t give a shit about neckbeard hipsters who spent thousands of dollars on expensive audiophile gear that rely on 100-year-old technology to transmit audio signals. And that, my friends, is why Silicon Valley is wrong about the Cybertruck!


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