Good math, but I think this buff was more based at countering cinderhulk top+jungle comps. For every day spent being attuned to this weapon, its owner becomes more and more unlawful and reckless, making decisions that are misaligned from themselves. The owner will slowly forget their own name, where they live, and who they know until their whole existence is a constant question in their mind. We're buffing it to be a luxury option for shredding through juggernauts and tanks. Patch 10.5 for League of Legends is live on the PBE server, and it includes changes to champions and items. In the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs on April 8th, Phoenix1 defeated Team Dignitas in a quick three game sweep to … This playstyle was abused by champions like Sona and Soraka before they received major nerfs. These nerfs seem to target champions that tend to build these items in a solo lane. Itemizing against tanky bros (and sisters) can be pretty difficult for an AD champion, so we're seeing if we can give a bit of love back to Blade of the Ruined King - the present day high-health AD tank demolishing item. Reason number one is that the item was changed to be a better early option. It’s unfortunate that normal supports will have to suffer for this. A snarky shopkeeper might be punched rather than reasoned with. Blade of the Ruined King is receiving a buff on the percentage health damage for melee champions that build it. Weapon (longsword), legendary (requires attunement by a non-lawful character). (Note: I know this is a ridiculous situation but if we're only really comparing how the change in the passive affects ADC itemization, I think trying to completely maximize AD on an ADC will suffice). Attack damage +15. The spirit and rage of the Ruined King can never be stopped. The support items, Frostfang, Harrowing Crescent, Spectral Sickle and Spellthief’s Edge are all receiving nerfs.

Doing so reveals the name, appearance, location and name of the fallen kingdom, the name of his wife who's death began his descent, as well as the events that took place that led to the Ruination. The following are the new item changes that are coming in patch 10.5. More math comparing to Bork pre-change: Only real change against tanks is what the LS calculates off of. If we factor in a thornmail and Gromp buff on our 4k HP smite toplaner (Assume they don't do any other damage for simplicity), then on hit gromp buff would do 210 damage over 3 seconds, and Thornmail would do ~330 damage with Bork, and ~236 with a BT, and the actual damage you'd take (assuming 1 auto attack), with Bork, would be ~400, and with BT, ~290. Finally lets look at LS, Bork gives 10% LS, so you would heal ~110 HP on hit, while BT with 20% LS would heal ~157 HP on hit.

Death’s Dance will now provide armor and magic resist, and Aegis of the Legion will be a component. Blade of the Ruined King has been out of fighter inventories for a while now. So once again, BT damage: 889.2025, Bork Damage (without passive) 787.4525, With passive (against a 4k hp champion): 1107.4525 (Note that the damage numbers don't change with this bork buff). The highest base AD out of all ADC's at level 18 is Draven I believe at 109.9, the max AD you can get from runes/masteries is is 65.75, so at level 18, he'd have 175.65 AD. Blade of the Ruined King (BOTRK) – Buff Blade of the Ruined King now allows Melee champions to deal 12% of the target’s current health as bonus damage. I'm a recent graduate from DePaul University with a bachelor's degree in journalism.

Blade of the Ruined King - It has synergy with Rhaast and helps SA deal with tanks to some extent, but might not be the best item. Press J to jump to the feed. These buffs seem to be targeted at improving the viability of bruiser and drain tank champions. Blade of the Ruined King.

Usage [ edit | edit source ] Works well on AD Bruisers that lack any sort of ranged gap closer. After one week of continued attunement, the owner makes a DC 15 Charisma saving throw. Just some extra math, assume you're full build, IE/MS/LW/PD/BG/(BT/Bork)+Elixir. Designed and Developed by, Tier Two Returns with Contenders Gauntlet, Fantasy Points Against: Tight Ends to Start…, Fantasy Points Against: Quarterbacks to Start and…, Fantasy Points Against: Running Backs to Start…, Fantasy Points Against: Wide Receivers to Start…,, A Statistical Analysis of MAD Lions So Far, Faith and Friendship – A Pre-Worlds look at CLG, An Immortal Fallacy: Why IMT isn’t ready for Worlds, Top 3 Free Agents the Reds Should Go After. Upon a failure, the owner changes their Flaw to "I am sure everyone I know and see is lying to me and conspiring my downfall." If the owner was already chaotic, they shift from good to neutral or neutral to evil. These effects are not lethal but the owner's lack of capacity to maintain themselves can potentially lead to their death. This weapon also deals additional damage based on the target's current amount of hit points. I love writing, esports, League of Legends and Magic: the Gathering. Blade of the Ruined King (Teamfight Tactics) ... For the item in League of Legends, see Blade of the Ruined King. The new Blackfrost skins for Rek’Sai, Alistar, and Renekton, as well as a Hextech skin for Sejuani will also be released. The two items that build out of Tiamat, Ravenous Hydra and Titanic Hydra are both receiving significant buffs in patch 10.5. We offer a variety of tools and events to assist in the learning process.

This continues until the wielder is chaotic evil.

fun stuff :) You have a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls with this cursed longsword. For the item, see Blade of the Ruined King Ruined King: A League of Legends Story (or Ruined King) is a story-driven, turn based role-playing game (RPG) being developed by Airship Syndicate and published by Riot Forge.

These changes come slow and at a shock from the owner of the Blade of the Ruined King, but slowly become more natural until they eventually become the primary thought process. A failure causes the owner to shift from neutral aligned to chaotic. So total AD would be 425.65 with bork, or 480.65 BT. Once the wielder is chaotic evil their mind begins to slip away. Upon a failure they are subjected to a long-term madness effect. Passive. Blade of the Ruined King is a Mythical tier item introduced in Patch Nerfs. Did Boston Make a Mistake by Letting Jerry Go.

To compensate for this massive buff, the attack damage the item grants is lowering from 80 to 60.

You'll probably still need a Bloodthirster and Wrath Elixir in addition to BotrK to deal with Thornmail+Cinderhulk+other tank items+Gromp passive when it comes to late game. You may choose to gain temporary hit points equal to the bonus damage dealt from one attack made per turn. To watch League of Legends tournaments, visit These buffs seem to be targeted at improving the viability of bruiser and drain tank champions. It'll just be a helping hand, all it gives is a little bit more LS for ADC's. Since his curse has destroyed all knowledge or memory of his name, kingdom, and predecessors, he cannot be remembered by any other means outside of a wish spell. That really isn't that much LS especially if said shyvana has a Thornmail/Gromp buff. Back to Main Page → 5e Homebrew → Equipment → Magic Weapons, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the summonerschool community.

As it stands, Blade of the Ruined King should now be your go-to in order to dominate your bottom lane matchups, and your games. Follow us on Social Media for updates! When the owner fails five saving throws to resist madness, non sequentially, the tragedy of the Ruined King sets in.

Set 3.5 INACTIVE. Giving lifesteal to the on-hit passive means the more health your enemies stack, the more you'll be able to recover while kiting around. Apparel; Gaming; Discuss.

The support items, Frostfang, Harrowing Crescent, Spectral Sickle and Spellthief’s Edge are all receiving nerfs. These changes come slow and at a shock from the owner of the Blade of the Ruined King, but slowly become more natural until they eventually become the primary thought process. Recipe. The bonus gold that is granted from the tribute passives will now only apply when nearby allied champions. ; The range is unchanged for Blade of the Ruined King.

The next week of continued attunement prompts the same saving throw. B. F. Sword Spatula.

With this information brought to life once more the curse of the Blade of the Ruined King will dissipate, freeing both his soul and the souls of his loyal soldiers and servants who were trapped with him. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Sports: Facebook Twitter Esports: Facebook Twitter, @2020 - For more League of Legends related content, visit, You can like The Game Haus on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more sports and esports articles. Now you have another good option to deal with the tanks if necessary. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. After one week of continued attunement, the owner makes a DC 15 Charisma saving throw. The Game Haus aims to bring unbiased, factually sound opinions to audiences across a range of mediums that are not readily accessible in the day-to-day media outlets. For the heck of it, lets include Draven's Q steroid which makes his AA do 1.85x damage. A remove curse spell will behave normally, but if the weapon is taken from the owner there is a 25% chance the curse will begin on the next creature that touches it as if they were a new owner. Blade of the Ruined King was previously not an item that was useful to rush for a few reasons. Botrk still kills mundo faster than BT. Lets say you're attacking a 4000hp cinderhulk toplane shyvana, You do an additional 320 damage (WHICH YOU WOULD"VE DONE BEFORE THIS CHANGE ANYWAYS) from the Bork passive, and you now heal an additional 32 HP. Slow VFX. The lifesteal that Ravenous Hydra grants is increasing from 12 percent to 18 percent. Why did the BotRK changes make it more viable? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We cover the latest news in Call of Duty, CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Fighting Games, NBA 2K, Halo, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Pokemon, Rocket League, Smite, Starcraft II, Fantasy Sports, MLS, EPL, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NCAAB, NCAAF, NFL, NHL, and PGA. It's only a small buff. Recent Changes; Random page; Community; Videos; Images; Shop. One week from finally shifting alignments the creature makes a DC 17 Wisdom saving throw.

Please read over our rules section before posting! Blade of the Ruined King is receiving a buff on the percentage health damage for melee champions that build it. In addition, the weapon still does bonus damage according to the table but with one fewer d8 per increment and they cannot gain temporary hit points.


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