While Mark ducks and weaves behind Ryder's 4WD, as bullets fly, Ryder wounds one, and Crim shouts a defiant “sheep lover” as the bike disappears over an incline. But even with Ryder gone, Mike still can’t tell her who he’s meeting. Mike finds the alien, who turns out to be a time traveller calling himself Joe Bogart. Q: You've also been involved in filmmaking. Start the wiki. To compensate, I did articles about the more esoteric adjuncts to surfing than following the contest scene. Amongst the quotes “Come with me to the kasbah” and a TV commercial for Budweiser and a mangled line from the 1946 The Big Sleep ("I don't mind if you don't like my manners, I don't like ‘em myself. If you are 13 years old when were you born? House of Sticks (2011) written, directed and filmed by Ogden; Conscience (2008) directed by Camille Chen,
Bad Boy Bubby (1993) Invited DOP for selected scenes;
A Lamb of Our Own Flock (1993) B/W Winner Best Film 1994 St Kilda Film Festival;
 Mission Impossible (1988 - 89) DOP 2nd unit special effects: miniatures, glass and chroma mattes, stunts, pyrotechnics, aerials, motion control and multi-camera drama;
As Time Goes By (1987) DOP Feature length science fiction comedy with Max Gillies, Bruno Lawrence and Ray Barrett. Ryder says it might be to get Connie and others to sell up, and when conversation turns to why Mike’s heading for Dingo, he says it’s because he’s supposed to meet someone there, but he doesn’t know who. If you are 13 years old when were you born? What if they’ve got ray-guns?, Greaser wants to know, and Weston calls him a bloody idiot. No, no, young feller like you, you want to be in showbiz. With the heat getting to him, Mike decides to sunbake on the road with a horse’s skeleton, and then Ryder (Bruno Lawrence) turns up in a 4WD, pauses to ask him if he needs an old Dodge two tonner, and when Mike says ‘nuh’ drives off. Mike finally arrives at the bar, and goes inside to meet alien Joe Bogart (Max Gillies) who speaks in funny Hollywood voices and attachs himself to a kind of umbilical cord hanging from the ceiling. McCauley notes the publican told him he had a scientific bent. Meanwhile Mike has arrived back at Bogarts with the power capsule, to applause. Oggy's projects span Japan, Korea, China, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, The Phillipines, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe, South America and the USA. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? Gun shots are fired, shit says Mike, Connie lets out a despairing ‘no’ and then they cautiously open the cop shop screen door … to see Weston and the two brothers dead on the floor. Mike explains someone saved his life when he was really young, or so his mother said. Is it weird that I’m calmer at public speaking than one on one. I was hanging around a joint called Los Alamos...". Someone gave this to my mother twenty five years ago (he pulls a piece of paper from his pocket and shows it to Connie). ", Sony BMG / SBC/Sony / Sony Music Distribution / Sony Music Entertainment, The Golden Age of Light Music: 100 Greatest American Light Orchestras, Vol. Filmed: The May 1988 Cinema Papers listed a start date of April 1987. The single, featuring "Breaking Away" and "That's Living Alright", reached number 3 in the UK singles chart in January 1984. See the detailed synopsis below for samples of the dialogue which mention a few of the movies referenced. But even with Ryder gone, Mike still can’t tell her who he’s meeting. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? Meanwhile, the Prof has made it to Weston’s property, and he heads into the stables office area where Weston is checking the weather.

Cut to Mike at night the farm trying to get the Moke to start, and turning to see a shape approaching, saying “Christ man you scared the shit out of me,” only to be knocked out by a truncheon. Taking photographs is a more solitary pursuit, like going surfing, while filmmaking is usually a team effort. According to David Stratton some three weeks were spent shooting around Broken Hill. Ryder pulls up and there’s a shoot out with rifles, with Ryder blowing up the brothers' Dodge, and Greaser and Crim swerving around on a motorbike to do a cavalry charge at Ryder. Who sings the song As Time Goes By from the TV show? The comedy stylings will seem a little strained for anyone not in the mood, and the plotting gets confused, especially when it comes to the matter of time travel, but the aim is to please, and there are enough pleasures to keep cultists distracted, especially when Gillies - normally more at home on the stage and TV - hovers into view. In town, as the Mechanic works on the Kombi - piece of German shit - McCauley is busy checking out the back for radioactivity. In 1983 he recorded the theme songs to Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? It started with one of my first jobs which was a very low budget feature film called ‘As Time Goes By’ and it got I think four out of five stars on the Movie Show. There is an interview with director Barry Peak at an online wine site here, which mainly focusses on his interest in wine, though inter alia it mentions film distribution and the production of the feature films. Ryder says yes, and they clink glasses. Fortunately, Gough had brought in free tertiary education, and at the age of 25 I became the first in my family to be able to have a university education. Mike and Ryder look at each other as the music swells. Strangely enough, many Australians thought it was okay that the Queen’s representative had sacked our elected Prime Minister and there was no revolution. In town Weston wakes just before eleven, while in the pub Cheryl’s remembering about being hit in the back of the head with a fish while everyone in the igloo just sits there eating whale meat. No identification, McCauley notes as he rifles through Mike’s wallet. We went back in time. Woman needs man, and man must have his mate. (At the time of the interview, Lawrence had just been nominated for the following month’s AFI awards as best supporting actor for Mark Joffe’s Grievous Bodily Harm). Frances Williams originally performed As Time Goes By written by Herman Hupfeld and Frances Williams performed it in the stage production Everybody's Welcome in 1931. I'm a singer - and find McCauley says it’s not very likely, but Weston dreams of the person who finds them and says they need a contract. Weston wakes up in the main street, and Connie races after Ryder, but now the Moke loses a wheel. The small village of Silverton is featured. Mike goes into the general store and Ern (Don Bridges) asks him what he’s doing in Connie’s Moke and shouts at the dust everywhere. Ray Barrett also contributes an eccentric, crooked station owner, while Don Bridges as a dust-obsessed outback storekeeper and Mitchell Faircloth as an alien-obsessed mad professor also reject subtlety in favour of excess.

Mike races up the road, shouting to Connie to wait, and she hears him. We see McCauley in his van kicking Weston to the ground, and Ern saying again that nobody pushes J L Weston around, but this time Ryder lets McCauley keep on driving along the desert track. Australian distributor: The Other Films/Valhalla, Theatrical release: The film was released at the Valhalla in Melbourne and at the Brighton Bay on 9th September 1988. McCauley kicks him to the ground, and as a disturbed Ern watches, drives off. Mike, says Mike. Below is a more detailed CV for DOP John Ogden. In 2010-2011, Oggy produced his own short film, HOUSE OF STICKS, which premiered at Academy Accredited short film competition Flickerfest in January 2012. Now go find the egghead, says Weston, and the brothers depart with the plastic toys. Ogden: While studying in Perth during the second half of the 1970s I became the West Coast correspondent for Tracks magazine. Mike mistakes him for Weston, but McCauley checks him for radioactivity, and finding some, is pleased: McCauley opens the van, explaining he’s going to be on the cover of. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease?

The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Mike gets it free. How much does does a 100 dollar roblox gift card get you in robhx? asks Mike. Meanwhile, Connie shows Mike into her dad’s old room, still full of cricketing gear, and when Mike flicks through a collection of newspaper clippings, comes across a story about Charles Ryder killing his 6 year old son when a cricket ball hits the child ... it otherwise would have been a magnificent six.


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