At the track, David spots Webster rendezvousing with Sloane, who hands over an envelope of money.

Keiner kann hier jemandem trauen.

They use truth serum on David, after which he talks what they believe is gibberish about the number "9". I especially enjoy the way it's filmed. Few things. Gregory Peck as a witty and charming professor.

Whereas I think it almost always works! The themes of 60s psychedelics, thrillers, and spies really sums this up. That night, David hops into Yasmin's car and they drive off. The costumes are great, I always love Sophia Loren and, really, the plot becomes almost insignificant in light of everything else going on. David makes copies of the cipher, mailing the original to himself for safekeeping. David knocks the cipher out of Webster's hand and the envelope floats into the track with the horses approaching. In a chase scene Peck, who had been injured years earlier in a horse-riding accident, could not run fast enough to keep up with Loren, who kept pulling ahead. Everything was shot as though it were a reflection in a Rolls-Royce headlamp." Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. It was, however, a box office success. Overhearing the conversation, David wraps the cipher in a candy in his pocket, among others, a red one with the number "9". We would've waived it!". It was the last film of that genre which Donen would make. He visits her at home and shows it to her, also giving her the news that her husband has been killed (she was living secluded and had not heard). Forced to show himself, David seemingly abducts Yasmin. Create Report. Gregory Peck. David also tells her that he is working with Yasmin, whose mother and sisters are in danger at the hands of General Ali. Arabesque (1966) "Ultra Mod. Some of these films may…, (Casi) todas las películas disponibles en Filmin. What more do you want? Report this film. Yasmin whisks David off and convinces him that the man who was just shot is only an imposter of Jena. ""You should have tried my troop. Alan Badel Cast. also, there are some genuinely great moments of filmmaking and camera work. Gregory Peck Cast. Peter Stone, who was brought in very late to make improvements in the dialogue, said that Donen "shot it better than he ever shot any picture.

Proof positive that Gregory Peck could rarely pierce his aura of earnestness and that Sophia Loren was goddamn gorgeous in the 1960s. While Yasmin believes Beshraavi has the cipher, Beshraavi states that David must still have it. David and Yasmin make plans to meet at 9:00 p.m. that evening at Trafalgar Square, after David gets the cipher from Webster. Temporeich und nett inszeniert. The original working title for the film was "Crisscross", which was later changed to "Cipher" before becoming Arabesque. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Wings of Ash: A Dramatization of the Life of Antonin Artaud (1978), Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller. I think Sophia Loren and Peck are both fine, even if the material isn’t quite up to snuff. Is it dripping with style from every use of reflective surface and jaunty camera angle? Does it have a cracking score by Mancini? Later, Yasmin bursts into David's apartment as he finishes a phone conversation with Jena. They discover that the real Jena was abducted by Beshraavi and locked in a trunk in the back of a truck. As Beshraavi's men search for David, Beshraavi demonstrates to one of Yasmin's employees, Hemsley (Jimmy Gardner), that he can buy people for their loyalty or else exact extreme revenge. Producer/director Stanley Donen wanted Cary Grant for the role of Pollock after working with him in his previous film Charade, and the dialogue for Pollock was written with Grant in mind. After a while it's just utterly pointless because it's got so many twists and revelations and about-faces that none of them matter even slightly. Solid 3.5/5. Sure.

Esta lista ha sido generada automáticamente con datos de…, Carlos Valladares 983 films 157 16 Edit, With a top 100, arranged chronologically. The film, along with Donen's immediately prior film Charade (1963), is usually described as being "Hitchcockian", as it features as a protagonist an innocent and ordinary man thrust into dangerous and extraordinary situations. Sophia Loren ist bezaubernd wie immer, Gregory Peck ist natürlich ebenso klasse! Posters Images . It's as substantial as a gossamer Christian Dior negligée but its entertainment value is not negligible. But they really…. Lufti then shoots Jena dead with a pistol. movie. "Were you ever in the Boy Scouts? Probably. David awakes in a moving panel van in the presence of Webster, Yasmin and another of Yasmin's boyfriends, Yussef Kassim (Kieron Moore), who is looking for the cipher. Arabesque was filmed in Technicolor and Panavision and was distributed by Universal Pictures. Toe-curlingly racist at times in its stereotypes (how high was their budget for dried dates? Who is on whose side is of constant concern with Prime…. Gregory Peck Sophia Loren Alan Badel Kieron Moore Carl Duering John Merivale Duncan Lamont George Coulouris Ernest Clark Harold Kasket Windsor Davies Jimmy Gardner Larry Taylor Harry Locke Michael Bilton, Peter Stone Julian Mitchell Gordon Cotler Stanley Price, 105 mins   After she drops him off, David flags down a taxi and follows her to Yussef's construction site. It might not be as great and polished as Charade but I thought it was still pretty fun to watch? As they cross the disused Crumlin steel-girder railway viaduct, David drops a wooden ladder down into the rotors of the helicopter as it passes underneath, causing it to crash and burn. David keeps hidden until Sloane brings it to Beshraavi's attention that David and the cipher are missing. In the course of the chase, Mustapha and David struggle at the zoological gardens, when another man intervenes and kills Mustapha. Everything I could find on the Letterboxd database. No order. The plot may be a bit silly at times but the main actors Sophia Loren and Gregory Peck more than make up for it. I dunno. I made this for myself but I thought others might find it useful. 1966 Sure the story makes no sense and there is no rhyme or reason for most of the camera angles (I think half the movie the camera is pointed away from the actors who are shown in reflection) but all this movie is supposed to do is look pretty and entertain so fuck it! David knocks Jena to the ground just as bullets from Sloane's machine gun land where Jena was just standing. She convinces him that she hates Yussef and pretends to help him because his boss, a General Ali orchestrating a military takeover, has her mother and sisters hostage. They spot the van but Webster takes the candies to eat. Arabesque received mixed to positive reviews from critics and audiences, earning a 64% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Beshraavi's mistress, Yasmin Azir is a beautiful mystery who becomes intertwined in the plot. Julian Mitchell’s script (co-written by Stanley Price and Peter Stone) has twists, turns and fun dialogue clearly written for Grant (who turned down the role). In return, you get some of the genre's most dynamic and experimental camerawork, mildly clever banter between Peck and Loren, and a memorable performance from Badel that makes you wish his character had posed more of a threat. David rushes to save her and Yussef is electrocuted to death by a live wire. Gregory Peck und Sophia Loren geraten in verschiedene Verwicklungen, die mit Spionage und Verrat zu tun haben. She tells him he needs to crack the cipher so she can report back to the embassy, which will ensure their safety. Pollock must find information believed to be in hieroglyphic code and must also contend with a mysterious man called Beshraavi. Lo mejor fue ver a Sophia Loren y su vestuario diseñado por Christian Dior. Meanwhile, Beshraavi's lover, Yasmin Azir, seems willing to aid Pollock -- but is she really on his side?

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. David and Yasmin end up in romantic bliss, on a punt back at Oxford. I haven't seen much evidence so far that Stanley Donen has much to offer me as a filmmaker. Arabesque is one of those tedious crime / spy films where absolutely everyone double-crosses everyone else about 16 times, absolutely nothing is at it seems, and it just got on my tits.

It's not a good movie-- you can see all of its flaws clearly, on top of being very-60s in its views of race and gender. TMDb More details at Considering Hitchcock’s affinity for blonde leading ladies, I almost wonder if going with brunette leading ladies was somehow intended or a happy coincidence, either way Sophia Loren follows in the footsteps of Audrey Hepburn. From 1947 to present day. David runs onto the track and retrieves the cipher just before the horses gallop by. The British Academy Film And Television Awards. Sophia Loren Cast. Since Peck was in pain, Donen had to persuade Loren to run slower to make filming the scene possible.

... Where to Watch Full Cast & Crew News Buy DVD. Cheesy plot, but a cute spy film regardless.

Part of my 5 Directors x 5 Unseen Films (10) challenge. It's wacky in all the right ways.

Report . Beautiful, interesting, But Stanely Donen can direct the hell out of a movie and together with Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren as its charming leads it is just enough to turn it into a sleek fun to watch thriller.

When a plot against a prominent Middle Eastern politician is uncovered, David Pollock, a professor of ancient hieroglyphics at Oxford University, is recruited to help expose the scheme. © Letterboxd Limited.

Nothing says "mod" quite like a 50-year old Gregory Peck. Particularly in a lark like this. Directed by Stanley Donen. "), and it's the goofiest and most ridiculous gesture in the world — yet the only possible one.


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