[3], Aquatic elves were isolationist by both their nature and the physical location of their settlements, although they were not quite as reclusive as the wild elves. Deep green with brown stripes and patches, shades of blue with white stripes and patches. The members were primarily aquatic elves at the time, but accepted students of all races. "The content of this article is from Forgotten Realms Wiki. " [20], In the Trackless Sea, a number of small villages could be found off the coast of Tethyr,[5] as well as the kingdom of Aluchambolsunvae and its capital city of Thunderfoam north of Evermeet. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Small nomadic family groups use the smaller settlements of the sea elves.

Size This made them the last of the elven subraces to come Faerûn. These garrisons came to be known as the Pillars of the Trident and were the basis of the massive Sharksbane Wall that was later constructed beginning in −9845 DR to defend against the sahuagin. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [5] Females in particular sometimes grew their hair up to 4 feet long. The aquatic elves of the Sea of Fallen Stars have raised several distinct realms of varying size. [26] The aquatic elves of the Sea of Fallen Stars had a significant number of mages and even High Mages throughout the millenia, including seven new High Mage students as late as 1346 DR.[27] However, this group regularly received infusions of surface elves fleeing the Crown Wars and the fall of Myth Drannor, who then became aquatic elves through the use of either the Sashelan Glass[28] or the High Magic ritual of Akh'Faen'Tel'Quess. '"Aid me in my endeavor, surface-dweller, and Deep Sashelas will surely favor you through all your journeys upon the face of his ocean.". Subtype(s) Weighted nets are also a popular weapon for aquatic elves, who have perfected methods of throwing such weapons so that they drift and unfold in the water almost like large octopi or manta rays. Aquatic elves are nowhere near as thin as their landbound cousins, and their hair is usually stringy and thick, cut short for warriors but otherwise worn long. The aquatic elven and merfolk armies came together to hold the demons in place while elven High Mages worked a ritual, binding the demons into a coral reef, creating the Demonreef. Aquatic elves are as fleet of foot and coordinated as their land-based kin, and while they are more sturdily built than most of the other elven subraces, they have little use for study. These two new forms of armor include sharkskin armor and chitin armor. One notable exception is gold. Sahuagin had an only slightly less hatred for tritons. Their trust did not extend far beyond their clan and others of their kind, and their communities were very tightly-knit. However, nearly a millenia later, the fall of Myth Drannor prompted surface elves to once again flee into the Sea of Fallen Stars.While this prompted the other races to watch them a bit more closely due to fears that they would try to reestablish the empire, the aquatic elves were for the most part ignored since this happened during the Tenth Serôs War and the other races were preoccupied. After her passing in -1219, three generations of rulers follow her in relatively quick succession. This coronal was extremely paranoid of magic users and set many sanctions against them, particularly the Dukars, who she believed assassinated her father. They find themselves among strange races and cultures that they never dreamed possible. [42] As such, shalarin remained wary of interacting with aquatic elves. Aquatic Elves, as their name suggests, are a branch of the elf family tree that have taken on an amphibious lifestyle, leading to them being sort of an interstitial state between elves and merfolk; gills and webbed digits allow them to live and move quickly under the water, but a bipedal bodily configuration lets them leave the water and adventure alongside other humanoids. He then placed Kyron the Mad (a traitor to the rebel merfolk and fellow worshiper of Dagon) on the throne of the subdued Thalorlyn. The relationship between these two gods was one of the reasons aquatic elves were on such good terms with dolphins. They are mortal enemies to the Sahuagin, who seek to eradicate them from existence.
This replaces the standard bonuses and penalties most elves receive. [5] In remote communities those elves who were magically inclined were limited to the teachings of the few older magic users and rare written materials. This put the entire empire on edge, preparing for the war they felt was inevitable. Typical multiclass combinations include bard/fighter, bard/sorcerer, and fighter/ranger. Aquatic elves revere Deep Sashelas first and foremost.
Most aquatic elves hail from underwater cities in the Sea of Fallen Stars or in the Great Sea south of Faerun, but small settlements of this race can be found in the seas along Faerun's western coasts as well. Aquatic elves (also called sea elves and Alu'Tel'Quessir in their own tongue[8]) were water-breathing cousins to land-dwelling elves.


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